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Founded in 1999, the company Panito Mole is dedicated to the manufacture of pastry and bakery products, as well as the operation of bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants. Since the beginning of its activity, Panito Mole has seen rapid growth allowing it to develop a sound structure.

The corporation currently has eight stores (bakeries with restaurant service), two manufacturing facilities (bakeryand pastry) and a central stewardship / warehouse facility that feed all operations.

Headquartered in Albufeira, Panito Mole is a limited liability corporation. It currently employs 88 full-time qualified personnel with vast experience in the areas of pastry and bakery, as well as senior staff in the area of food quality and safety, duly supported by a modern structure in terms of equipment, logistics and IT, with a short-term goal of completing the certification process (ISO 22000) of its products.

The administration is strongly committed to staff training and innovation of its manufacturing plants. In 2006 it opened a bakery unit with an area of 800 square meters with a capacity to produce over 100,000 units per day, with minimal human intervention. In order to respond to market demands, the company is also committed to modernizing its line of pastries, with the opening of a new manufacturing plant with an area of 700 square meters, in the near future. The range of pastry and bakery products exceeds 80 and 30 varieties, respectively.