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I am a business, program, project and portfolio manager, with 25 years of business management and administration, market and sales management, and consulting, predominantly in IT. I worked for CSC and EDS, as well as ran my own entrepreneurial startups, developing some of the first web applications.

I started as a programmer back when we had to use rocks and sticks, and continue dabbling in tech even today. I program now in Python and have about 10 PCs and servers at home, running various time-capsule flavors of Windows and Linux.

For video editing and post-pro, I use Blender on an HP dual-core with dual monitors and 1T disk storage. I contribute to the global community by helping the Blender Foundation in writing the user manual, producing training videos and tutorials, and asnswering questions on the BlenderArtists forum.

I am amazed at the creativity of the human spirit. I am delighted to share. I help wherever I can. In my first month with this site, I have 10,500 views and going strong! Thanks Vimeo for spreading the knowledge!
--Roger Wickes
Atlanta, GA

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