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"The music of producer/songwriter Bruno Miguel mixes the electronic and the organic in a way that’s intimate and intricate. There’s a poetry to it that speaks of complex natural processes" - MTV Iggy

"Beautiful sounds" - BBC Introducing

"Otherworldly pop... destined for inclusion on the soundtrack to a very cool movie about five years from now" - AOL Radio

"Cruel beauty" - Impose Magazine

"Dark, near-industrial dance groove and singing that oscillates between angelic whispers and vocal manipulations" - Refinery29

"Approved: Glacial cool..." - CMU Music Network

"Ominous sonics and thick atmospherics." XLR8R

"Shoegazing, electronic pop dream taken to a whole new level" - No Fear Of Pop

"Beautifully blends acoustic and electronic instrumentation with gorgeous melodies, vocals, and ambient sounds. They’ve produced extraordinary remixes, along with incredible originals." - InYourSpeakers

"Underscoring beautiful moments with hints of horror." - The Fader

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  1. You don't imagine how many times I've watched this video. It's really beautiful work. Music and video matche perfectly. Purity, nature, life and its mysteries. It's inspiring and meditative. Technically, it's amazing work. Bravo.