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This video stream is dedicated to experimental music. Mainly a site for the activities of the collective PAS but also a showcase for various acts that we have come across.


PAS Musique (PAS) is a group out to create musical collages through the form of abstract sound. Their name refers metaphorically to those who have been aborted by society, because their point of view doesn’t fit in the constraints of “normal” society. The term also refers the negative form in French, metaphorically negating everything that is established to start from a new beginning. The viewpoint fuels our creativity to create our own world of beauty. Since our inception the band has been interested in making music from the fringes of perception, creating soundscapes that aren’t defined by any particular conventions or viewpoints. The aesthetic underpinnings are defined by the notion that music can be whatever the ear perceives. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression. The compositions themselves are more akin to soundscapes than “songs” in the traditional sense. There are no clearly defined melodies, no structural landmarks that give you any sense of traditional anchor. This is not music making with any sense of or desire for commercial viability, but sonic sculptures in the mode of pure art.

The above blurb was modified from a review by Paul Paradis

PAS started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA, driven by the creative talents of Robert L. Pepper working in the mediums of sound and video. Since then PAS has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and lineups. Permanent members include Amber Brien, Jon “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Robert Pepper. Guests and occasional collaborators include, Brett Zweimann, David Tamura, Jim Tuite, Brandstifter, Robin Storey, Philippe Petit, ZEV!, HATI, Steve Beresford, Will Seesar, Matt Chilton (Vultures), Anthony Donovan (Vultures), Damien Olsen, and many others.

PAS have released 10 full length releases and have been on several compilations throughout the years. Some of these can be found on, or iTunes. PAS have performed in 13 countries and all throughout the United States. Sound and video installations have also included Chile and the United States. PAS have also performed at Fausts Avant Garde Festival 2009 and 2010, the 18th Olympia Experimental Festival in Washington, the 2010 Spark Festival in Minneapolis, and the 2011 CoCArt Festival in Torun Poland.

PAS also curates events in New York such as Experi-MENTAL nights, Ambient-Chaos nights and the Experi-MENTAL Festival once a year at Goodbye Blue Monday.

Past Collaborators include:

John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Robin Storey (Rapoon) (UK), Al Margolis (If, Bwana), Dao Anh Khanh (Vietnam), Doan Minh Hoan (Vietnam), Dan Henneberry, Dave Paine, Rinus van Alebeek (Netherlands), Jesse Fairbairn, FluiD (Chicago), Black Saturn, Philippe Petit (France) , Z'EV (Cold Spring, Tzadik Records) , Steve Beresford (Tzadik Records), HATI (Poland), Big Brother on Acid, LaptopAcidXperience, John 3:16, Black Saturn, Thorsten Saltau (Germany) Andre Gutsmuths (Germany) , Thomthom Geigenschrey (Germany), Gay Tiger (Amsterdam), Visitor Q (United Kingdom), Render Plant (United Kingdom), Murmurists (United Kingdom), ithyphall.brel.gory (United Kingdom), Michael Clough (United Kingdom) Damien Olsen, Trinitron (Mark Weinberg), Abstract Artimus, Brandstifter (Germany) Dave Tamura, Wounded Knee (Scotland), Alex Ward (United Kingdom), Laurel Tree (United Kingdom), The Atomic Crashdown (United Kingdom), Neud Photo, Consort Zilmrah/o.., The Vultures (United Kingdom), The Strangewalls, Astrometria, Patrik Glassel, London Concrete (United Kingdom), Magnetica Ars Lab (Italy), Leonardo Casas (Chile), Robert Pascale, Gia Lia Krahne


Before 2007 several recordings were unofficially released as CD-R’s/tape cassette. Official releases below.


Antarctic Tribe (PAS Records – PAS 1) 2008 (Originally Released in 1999 as a limited edition CD-R) 
We Have Discovered Your Mothers Body (PAS Records – PAS 2) 2009 (Originally Released in 2007) 
Intro to Jesus (PAS Records – PAS 3) 2009 (Originally Released in 2007 as a limited edition CD-R) 
The Lyre Speaketh (PAS Records PAS 4) 2009 
such things…complete Oneself (PAS Records PAS 5) 2010 
Time is a Constant Relapse (PAS Records PAS 6) 2010 
PAS Presents: Experi-MENTAL Complilation 1 (For Culture Asylum Magazine) (PAS Records PAS 7) 2010 
Pure Energy Output Sessions (PAS Records PAS 8) 2010 
Reconstruction (Alrealon Musique 023) 2011 
PAS/HATI presents P.H.A.S..T.I. - 'The Stage of Sleep: A Metaphor for Torun" (Alrealon Records 026/PAS Records 010) 2011 
PAS and Alrealon Musique Present: Experi-MENTAL Complilation 2 for the Experi-MENTAL Festival 3, 2011 (PAS Records PAS 012) 2011 
Flanked By Women and Pumpkins (Alrealon Musique ALRN031) 2012
PAS: Sunflower Serenade/ Thorsten Soltau/The Elecctent People: Swiffing Hall  | Split 7 inch - MM Label - 2012
PAS Musique ; Abandoned Bird Egg (Alrealon Musique ALRN035) 2013

Robert L. Pepper (PAS) Curated/Produced Series on Alrealon Musique: 

Blue Sausage Infant 'Manitou' ALRN034
Thorsten Soltau's 'Gravity's Dropout' ALRN037
Jurica Jelic 'Distant Memories' ALRN040
The Jazzfakers 'Here is Now' ALRN043
Kine 'Meditations in April Green' ALRN046


Various Classwar Karaoke online Surveys

Torture Garden. (Shinto Records 2010) 
Alrealon Music presents: Tomorrow’s Universe. (Alrealon Records 2010) 
O Bosque - CosmoPOPlitan Volume 1 (Bosquewoodland Records 2010) 
Under a Big Red Sun - A Benefit For Oxfam International - Zos Kia Sounds  2011
Psidronic 3 - Ecstatic Transmissions - Dubuque Strange Music Society Label 28 - 2011
ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology 4 - with Al Margolis - 2013

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