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I am a dad, a husband, a friend, and a leader of a community of people who like myself seek to follow the life and way of Jesus in Up, In and Out relationships. I am always learning more of what it means to be human in each of these areas and try to share this honestly in a spirit of genuine discipleship. By style I am an improver, I like to see things better. At times that means life is all out, and yet there is rest in this as there is a rhythm of rest and word, as I seek to see what it is God is doing and dive in there. Sometimes I don't see. Sometimes I do. However I always find I am able to come back and find the Father still desiring to reveal what He is doing and that is so sweet. At our New Life campus you will find the Aloha Spirit of Jesus front and center. The Hawaiian Islands have been a place of personal rest, renew, re-creation and special relationship. Here in the East Bay of San Francisco Aloha is not far out of place and much needed. By the way Aloha is a bit like Shalom in the Hebrew, it means more than hello and goodbye it has a deep seated blessing of love, compassion, kindness and many more things Jesus was all about! I love serving the kingdom with my brothers in Church Without Shoes, Jesus honoring pastor of local churches. Some of these, like myself have been impacted by what God is doing in Sheffield England and the resultant 3dm movement in the States, and invest and receive here as well. I serve with amazing people among amazing people many with stories of incredibly, radically changed lives. Some have just found something more real and loving in Jesus than in anything or anywhere else and that is a great story too. My hope is in my messages, you can see the life of Jesus at least meagerly if not at times powerfully reflected and be encourage to draw closer to Him in trust and life steps. Enough? Enough about me for me! My life partner Angela is a teacher to the blind - how cool is that - sounds like a Jesus vocation. Our oldest daughter is a teacher and recently married another teacher whom we think is awesome. Our younger daughter is currently in India studying Indian culture and serving among the children of parents who have HIV or Leprosy, and yes it is still called that in India. Grace to you, and Peace.

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