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    by MYTHAPHI subscribed to

    813 Videos / 28 Followers

  2. The Making of "The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE LOST TRIBES"

    by David Blair subscribed to

    231 Videos / 9 Followers

    Here is the description posted at: http://telepathic-movie.org ---- My first long project, called "Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees" [1991], had a long, complicated incubation…

  3. Colectivo PLUG

    by Enrique Franco Lizarazo subscribed to

    12 Videos / 8 Followers

    PLUG is a collective of artists doing audiovisual productions by using new technologies for live generation and processing of image and sound. PLUG has participated in artistic events such as NIME…

  4. Livid Instruments

    by Livid Instruments subscribed to

    149 Videos / 107 Followers

    Livid Instruments Demo Videos

  5. MadMapper

    by GarageCUBE subscribed to

    166 Videos / 1,245 Followers

    Dedicated to projects created using MadMapper, a simple and fast solution for mapping projections onto physical surfaces. Made by the creators of Modul8 GarageCUBE and the masters of projections mapping…

  6. Select Videos

    by Poifox subscribed to

    1,008 Videos / 1,282 Followers

    The place for fine and original videos. Beautiful artwork, excentric cinema, amazing visuals and cool music videoclips. Subscribe for the best selection of artistic works around Vimeo :) [ [ […

  7. Animated Music Videos

    by Clockwork Orchestra subscribed to

    375 Videos / 254 Followers

    A channel for animated music videos of all styles and genres. Official music videos are preferred but the best fan-made animations will also be included. Please use the shoutbox to get your…

  8. Music Videos

    by SINLOGO subscribed to

    215 Videos / 4,170 Followers

    A page for music videos we like, specially those with animation.


    by SPG MEDIA GROUP subscribed to

    559 Videos / 26.1K Followers

  10. aether9

    by Manuel Schmalstieg subscribed to

    5 Videos / 10 Followers

    This channel groups videos related to Aether9 - remote realtime storytelling - a global networked video performance project. For more information: http://aether9.org

  11. AIE prod - AudioVisual Label

    by BomBaKlaK subscribed to

    66 Videos / 159 Followers

    Channel of the Audiovisual Label AIE prod ! Enjoy ! www.aieprod.com

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