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  1. Nature Cinema

    by Adam Gichie joined

    7,163 Videos / 2,503 Members

    A place to share videos and technical information for videos with a 'Nature and surroundings' theme.

  2. iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia & Mobile Cinema HD

    by The Film Artist joined

    2,492 Videos / 1,426 Members

    The newest HD cinema revolution is here. The new iPhone 4 and next generation HD Mobile phones with HD capability gives the masses the power to produce, direct, star and edit cinematic films. Please…

  3. Midwest Filmmakers

    by Harry Locke IV joined

    3,403 Videos / 519 Members

    A group dedicated to all you cinematic artists that either originate, or produce a bulk of your work in the Midwestern territories. Lets see what kind of cinematic magic is being pumped out of the…

  4. The Art Pack

    by FatCat Films joined

    11.3K Videos / 2,603 Members

    Webzine on Art and Culture. Let us know about your work !! Please add only short Documentaries and experimentals videos, no short and no demo reel. Thank you and enjoy! FOLLOW US : http://www.facebook.com/FatCatFilms

  5. Inspiration in HD

    by Scott Slone joined

    3,331 Videos / 590 Members

    This group is a place where we can all come to break a mental block or be inspired to create something new. You must join the group to share your video, and please no duplicate concepts of the same…

  6. Cool Short Films

    by Fly on the Wall joined

    26.1K Videos / 8,309 Members

  7. All things Chicago

    by Jen Knoedl joined

    442 Videos / 100 Members


    by Bon Baker joined

    4,064 Videos / 2,109 Members

    A "Safe" place for those wanting to showcase their work.


    by Spencer Keeton Cunningham joined

    4,325 Videos / 1,950 Members

    hello to all independent documentary film makers. thank you adding your documentary films to this channel. i continue to be intrigued by all the original subject matter and content within each peice.…

  10. Documentary film

    by TeeJay joined

    16.8K Videos / 6,740 Members

    Documentary film is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality. Although "documentary film" originally…

  11. Documentary

    by Scott Slone joined

    16.4K Videos / 5,814 Members

    Share your long or short documentary in full or promote your reel.

  12. Final Cut Pro

    by Edward Kluwe joined

    20K Videos / 5,044 Members

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