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  1. My mistake - cant find the reference to a few weeks. Here are previous comments about this issue though, and that you're 'working on it' and also acknowledge that this should be done.. "We're…
  2. Care to elaborate? It's clearly an issue that a lot of people are experiencing and was raised quite a while ago now. Months ago it was 'a few weels' away...
  3. 6 months, still no solutions. This is embarrassing for us, Vimeo, and our client. Is there a fix coming or not?
  4. How is this issue not fixed yet? This is really embarrassing! I don't understand why it's still been classed as 'low priority'.
  5. Bit of a change from 'An error message should be displaying when users are not running up to date Flash players or no Flash player at all.' being posted a day ago... This affects a lot of users and really needs to be given some attention!
  6. Is there any update on this? While its fine for Vimeo to require the latest version of Flash in IE, surely you should display a message as such instead of just a blank screen? Youtube seem to manage to display an notice stating this, why cant Vimeo? htt