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  1. Motion Graphic Artists

    by Danny Garcia

    74.7K Videos / 26K Members

    A place for all the creative people that create today's motion graphics for film, television, web, and everywhere in between! Don't forget to post (or link) your best work here. Especially…

  2. We Love Music

    by Czlowiek Kamera

    55.8K Videos / 13.5K Members

    Do you love music? JOIN US! Share your music and music videos. www.vimeo.com/groups/100

  3. Music Videos - all genres

    by turbomission

    49.7K Videos / 12.7K Members

    One of the oldest and largest groups on Vimeo! This is the best place to view and share all kinds of music videos. And if you're an artist wanting to get some exposure, this is the place to start.

  4. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela

    44.6K Videos / 11.8K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  5. Mac Creative

    by Simon Thomson

    15.6K Videos / 3,760 Members

    This group is for all those people who use Apple Macs to create their work. Whether you earn a living from it or are just a hobbyist we want to see what you can do with the power of a Mac. From iLife…

  6. Motion Graphics

    by Cagri Cesmeci

    12.8K Videos / 3,619 Members

    Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

  7. Live Music

    by Mark Schoneveld

    13.3K Videos / 1,982 Members

    A group to share your live music clips.

  8. @MographSpain

    by theflow

    1,808 Videos / 1,268 Members

    Motion Graphics, Nuke, Compositing, VFX, CG, AE, C4D, Particles, Render... Exclusive Club

  9. london motion graphics

    by Mark Hough

    2,371 Videos / 1,027 Members

    upload your showreels, movies, test renders and all that.

  10. Music Videos

    by espen

    2,580 Videos / 912 Members


    by Jean-François Hayeur

    4,462 Videos / 801 Members


  12. Full Package of Motion Graphics

    by chul whee kim

    2,122 Videos / 762 Members

    animations : full package

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