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  1. Canon 5DHD MkIII by TFA

    by The Film Artist joined

    2,854 Videos / 1,021 Members

    A pretty cool Canon 5D MKIII Group. A group for sharing creativity and videos from the new Canon 5D MKIII. Please only add videos from the new MKIII and feel free to comment and engage with the community…

  2. Wetpixel

    by Eric Cheng joined

    945 Videos / 200 Members

    Vimeo group to support Wetpixel.com

  3. Underwater Videography and photography

    by Bill Skinner joined

    1,336 Videos / 337 Members

  4. Action Sports | WAII KAII | OCEAN-EARTH-SNOW

    by WAII KAII Action Sports joined

    1,685 Videos / 348 Members

    Surf videos, Action Sports, Nature, Lifestyle. Waii Kaii invites you to participate and compile the Best selection of Action Sports videos along with Lifestyle, Nature, Music and Art! We value…

  5. Pelagic

    by Pelagic Life joined

    65 Videos / 24 Members

    Videos about the least known ecosystem in our planet. The last true wildnerness frontier. Encounters can range from free diving, spearfishing, fishing even scuba. We are only interested in large off…

  6. Nauticam HD-DSLR Underwater Video

    by Ryan Canon joined

    298 Videos / 109 Members

    A group built to showcase the jaw dropping hd-dslr video cranked out by Nauticam housing users.

  7. Underwater Videos (snorkeling and freediving)

    by PrimozP joined

    225 Videos / 93 Members

    Underwater videos taken during free diving or snorkeling, with naked (no aditional UW housing) compact P&S cameras like Olympus SW/Tough/TG, Pentax W, Panasonic FT/TS, Canon D10, Sony TX5, ...

  8. Underwater Video

    by Eric Cheng joined

    412 Videos / 78 Members

  9. The Underwater Video Vimeo Group

    by Creased / Christopher East joined

    1,747 Videos / 611 Members

    a place for the wild and varied different types of underwater videos to be uploaded to, talked about and shared.... please make this a productive zone where ideas can be shared and ambition may…

  10. Surfing waves

    by Basanostra joined

    4,917 Videos / 2,244 Members

    For all the people who love surfing waves with surfboards!

  11. Extreme Lifestyle

    by jopt joined

    7,333 Videos / 1,450 Members

    Best outdoor apparel & gear **for Vimeo Members Only ==>> WWW.SMARTURL.IT/VIMEODEALS

  12. Sharks

    by Henrik Edelbring joined

    236 Videos / 141 Members

    Fellow Underwater Videographers and everyone else that loves sharks - Feel free to join this group and upload your Shark Videos.

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