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Pengu Productions ( is a film production company consisting and founded by 23 year old Leo Cittadella. Leo gathers knowledge along the way and has established a distinctive style of directing, filming and editing.

Photography has always been a part of his life, and he likes to keep his workflow simple and elegant. Leo quit Film & Television studies to focus all his time into the company, where he enjoys applying his skills as a freelance director, cinematographer and editor, based in Oslo, Norway.

Leo has produced a wide range of films and gained extensive experience, from industrial promotion/commercials to fashion flicks and action sports videos. In 2012/13 he produced a TV-Show about the Norwegian national snowboarding team, airing on Norway's biggest newspaper,

Leo is currently working with world famous professional snowboarder Torstein Horgmo, following him around the world and documenting his thrilling lifestyle.

For edits and updates along the road, check out!

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