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People & Polygons NYC is a 3D appreciation group which meets about once a month in NYC. We are here on Vimeo to share our work and demo reels. We're slowly growing and hoping to meet others in the Tri-state area who love 3D.


  1. A. Cameron Whitehouse
  2. Freelancers Union
  3. Lizz Kupfer
  4. Jamaal Bradley
  5. John Youlen Sung
  6. John Richard Sanchez
  7. Amanda Elsbree
  8. Kevin Gironda
  9. Marino Carrabs
  10. Nikie Monteleone
  11. Thomas Ceeeee.
  12. Jaqi Vigil
  13. Garbanzo
  14. Ryan Moran
  15. Cory Alderman
  16. taylor cook
  17. Ryan Decarlo
  18. Marta Sovis

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