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PepperDigital brings to bear the agency's expertise in understanding the overall business of a client's business and how it translates in the new world of digital communications. Through digital tools such as blogs, podcasts, microsites and sentiment monitoring, companies are now able to extend and enhance their communications programs through two-way communication with internal and external audiences. Our approach enables clients to leverage digital communications to achieve real-world business goals. Whether it's enhancing brand reputation, building employee support or responding to customers' concerns, PepperDigital helps companies harness the power of digital communications alongside their traditional programs.

Our experts develop comprehensive communications strategies for clients that include:

* Assessment of existing web-based programs, such as web sites and blogs
* Strategic engagement of influential bloggers and digital influencers
* Measuring, analyzing and adjusting digital strategy based upon direct audience feedback
* Development of corporate blogs, podcasts, and online social communities
* Integrating an organization's traditional and digital programs into one, seamless campaign
* Microsite or weblet content development and population
* Promotions within online communities and social networking sites
* Improving the ranking of client-related content in search engine listings
* Online sentiment monitoring for message differentiation and delivery
* Web analytics for analyzing traffic and visitor behaviors

PepperDigital ensures that a client's unique positioning is communicated effectively and consistently through these digital channels. Whether a client needs an overall strategy, a response to an immediate crisis or management of an existing program, PepperDigital possesses the team depth and experience to anticipate and meet every digital need.

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