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Driving Blind was shot by three best friends originally from Buffalo, NY. The budget was $50K that came from small donations and personal savings. This is the debut of director Brian James Griffo who enjoys a day job in Los Angeles as a camera assistant and operator on such shows as Biggest Loser, Master Chef, Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, and X-Factor. Long time friend Ryan J. Detzel and Driving Blind cinematographer came along with Adam Buckley on audio for the 12K mile road trip/production. The crew lived in a follow van filled with film equipment. The van provided a place to cook, sleep, and travel with Tod and Justin as they made this remarkable trip. The crew made a promise to each other, however stressful following the two blind drivers would be, they would make the film of their dreams. Constantly time lapsing every mile of the drive, monitoring audio of the brothers, building steadi-cam or a slider, or shooting motion-controlled photography at night, the crew never let off the gas pedal. It was one of the most grueling and rewarding productions any of the three have ever endured. Once back in Los Angeles Brian and Tod edited the picture in the Perfect Karma edit bay, carefully going through endless hours of audio and video to tell the story through point of view, without using interviews as a crutch.

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