Exclusive Camera Packages

  • Beginner's Basic

    Beginner's Basic


    Need an introduction to the video making world? We have the perfect package to get you started and on your way.

    Save 17%

  • Beginner's Premium

    Beginner's Premium


    Start capturing those special moments with this high quality point and shoot and a few extras that will make your videos fun and memorable.

    Save 9%

  • Travel Package

    Travel Package


    We chose these items with the adventurer in mind. The small, HD camera is waterproof, sandproof, and strong enough to survive extreme conditions.

    Save 10%

  • New to DSLR

    New to DSLR


    Graduating from a point and shoot to a DSLR is a big step! We have the perfect equipment you need as you take your story-telling to the next level.

    Save 6%

  • Advanced DSLR

    Advanced DSLR


    You're in the big leagues now. This package gives you a kit that you can easily build upon as a DSLR shooter.

    Save 4%

  • Professional DSLR

    Professional DSLR


    Whether you're a wedding videographer or a documentary filmmaker, this well-rounded kit will have you on your way.

    Save 9%

  • Action Sports

    Action Sports


    Calling all adrenaline addicts, this camera kit is your new best friend.

    Save 16%

  • Small but Sophisticated

    Small but Sophisticated


    Enjoy the quality of a DSLR, but not so into the size? This Micro 4/3 camera package is the perfect fit for you.

    Save 10%

Accessory Packages

  • DSLR Accessories

    DSLR Accessories


    These are the absolute essential accessories to have if you already own a DSLR.

    Save 20%

  • On-board Light and Sound

    On-board Light and Sound


    DSLR cameras are amazing, but still have a few limitations that you can take care of with this package.

    Save 8%

  • Professional Lighting

    Professional Lighting


    Need an introduction to the video making world? We have the perfect package to get you started and on your way.

    Save 5%

  • Professional Sound

    Professional Sound


    Sound quality is equally important as video quality. The more you pay attention to your sound, the more people will pay attention to your videos.

    Save 10%

  • DSLR Shotgun Mic Kit

    DSLR Shotgun Mic Kit


    Everyone knows sound is just as important as picture quality. Get crisp, clean audio with this custom DSLR shotgun microphone.

    Save 6%

  • Pro Wireless Audio Kit

    Pro Wireless Audio Kit


    This wireless audio kit allows you to record professional sound even when you're on the move. This is a must-have for anyone planning on shooting away from a set.

    Save 7%

Helpful Purchase Tip

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