Letus Hawk Aluminum

The Letus Hawk viewfinder is 100% custom designed from the ground up. Unlike others on the market, our viewfinder uses totally custom optics designed and manufactured by Letus. We use 3 lenses in 2 groups rather than a single, off-the-shelf diopter. The Hawk has a totally flat image with no warping or sharpness loss.

Our viewfinder has a 2.75x view factor. This produces a large image that you don't have to look around at when viewing it.

The lenses on the Hawk are adjustable from +1.5 to -2.5 to accommodate near and far sighted users. All of our optics are fully coated to insure the best color fidelity while eliminating issues with fogging.

Rather than using injection molded plastic, we choose CNC milled anodized aluminum for the view finder shroud. Aluminum is a light weight and strong material designed to stand up to the rigors of a production environment.

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Letus Pro Baseplate

This camera base was designed to fit the Panasonic AF100/AF101 perfectly. Although designed around the AF100, this plate can be used on a wide variety of cameras such as the new Sony PMW-F3 and Sony FS100.

The base can be configured in many ways to suite your shooting needs. It also supports our telescoping support rod system for easy mattebox positioning. A stainless steel PL lens support can be affixed directly to the baseplate for support of heavy cine lenses on our custom PL mount.

As with all Letus products, the Pro Camera Base is CNC milled from high grade aluminum. It features all aluminum / stainless steel construcion for durability and is backed by the Letus Lifetime Warranty.

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Micro 4/3 to PL Mount

The Letus Micro 4/3 to PL lens mount has been a long awaited accessory since the announcement of the AF100. We have designed our PL mount from the ground up focusing on precision and ease of use. The mount flange is milled from high grade stainless steel with medical grade machining tolerances.

Letus brings its expertise in back focus adjustment to the table with the PL mount. The first to offer a simple, back focus adjustment ring. No more fiddling with cumbersome shims to set your lens back focus. Simply rotate the precision machined ring and lock down at your desired back focus point. Easily adjustable on the fly to accommodate your entire PL lens collection.

A custom bracket is provided which attaches the lens mount to the top handle of the AF100 yet it still allows for a tool-less release of the entire mount. No more being limited to the 4 pound rating of the Panasonic AF100 4/3 mount. Now you can attach a heavy Angenieux zoom lens to your camera with confidence in support ability.

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Letus Raptor

Letus is proud to offer the Raptor Support System that will reinvent camera support systems. Stop trying to constantly tweak a traditional rod support system that is bulky and heavy. Attach the new Letus Raptor System and take advantage of a light-weight, quick release, easily adjusted rods support rig unlike anything else on the market.

For the most compact and well thought out camera support system, no matter the camera you operate, look no further than the Letus Raptor. This pro mounting and support solution is CNC milled from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. We do not use any low quality cast products like many other manufacturers. We provide seriously robust gear for even the most demanding production environments. The Letus Raptor system will change the way you mount accessories to your camera from matteboxes to 35mm adapters.

The complete Raptor system is comprised of 3 components. The light weight camera plate with v-wedge, the v-plate mounting block with quick release, and the telescoping support rods. You can also add a "tail" in the back of the v-plate block for mounting 15mm accessories behind your camera such as shoulder mounts, batteries, monitors, etc.

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