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Peter is an independent filmmaker, editor, director, producer, voice-over performer and instructor. His films have premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and screened and broadcast worldwide.

His production company Empire Aphrodite Pictures produced music videos for Schooner, Organos, Michelle Rumball, Aroara and Apostle of Hustle.

Peter Demas received his BA in English from the University of Western Ontario and completed his film degree at Ryerson University. His short films have explored the comedic complexities and challenges of the Greek/Canadian experience.

His first film Wild About Ari (1993) won the City of Toronto Screen Apprenticeship Award and made its premiere at the 1993 Toronto International Film Festival. “Demas’ deft dialogue, which tweaks cultural stereotypes, makes the movie a treat”. (Now, 1993) It was also given “extra kudos for pleasures” in Now Magazine’s “Best of ‘93”

His second film The Soldier Boy (1995) established Demas as “the witty chronicler of Toronto’s vibrant Greek community." It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and screened at festivals in San Francisco, Turin and Chicago. It was broadcast on the CBC in 1996.

The romantic comedy Fresh off the Boat (1997) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Produced in association with the CBC, it was the season opener for their Canadian Reflections series.

He directed his fourth short film, Straight In the Face (2002), which was produced by the Canadian Film Centre, having just completed their Directors Lab in 2001. It has screened worldwide at over thirty film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and was voted one of top five shorts at the Verzaubert International Queer Film Festival while touring through Germany. An award winner at Worldfest-Houston, Straight in the Face was broadcast on TMN, IFC, Showcase and Movieola.

"Modern Greece, Diaspora and The Megali Idea or “Great Idea”
Posted on: 15 December 2008 by Sandra Gionas
Growing up as a first generation Greek-Canadian, I was always told there were as many Greeks outside Greece as within Greece…..The last 100 years have seen an economic diaspora that has resulted in vibrant first-, second- and third- generation Greeks everywhere from Canada to Australia, South Africa to Ireland. Take a peek at the cultural expression of this diaspora and I urge you to go beyond My Big Fat Greek Wedding and you’ll discover Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenidis — the story of a brother and sister who flee Asia Minor during the burning a Smyrna and settle in Detroit at the start of 1920’s— or the film shorts of Canadian filmmaker
Peter Demas

-Sandra Gionas is a producer for The Agenda with Steve Paikin.


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