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I am a passionate multimedia Graphic Designer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

My vision is to expand my natural talent and further refine my capabilities within my chosen discipline. I can’t really explain this drive that I feel, it’s just that it originated from a deep rooted and keen interest I’d developed in photography, and video editing from a very early age. I am presently in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in “Design and Business.” Not a waking moment goes by that I do not excersize my skills, always looking for that dramatic angle, seeking to produce and create visually appealing and artistic images.

I’ve turned my skills into everyday habits and enjoy every second of what I do/ Keeping an open mind and delivering on commitments when dealing with assignments, I strive to deliver excellent quality regardless of the effort. My adaptability is likely a result of extensive international travel. I have demonstrated the ability to adapt to different cultures, and work effectively with diverse peoples. My dream is to become a “Idea and Development Consultant” that is well respected and highly regarded within the Danish community.

Through innovation, teamwork and openness, I can see myself in a leadership role, developing businesses and inspiring others with various organizations organization in a creative capacity.

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