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  1. 05:08


    by Peter Morse

    2 Videos

  2. 10:52

    Remote Places

    by Peter Morse

    2 Videos

  3. 01:06:17

    Quartz Composer

    by Peter Morse

    9 Videos

    All things Quartz Composery I find useful or interesting.

  4. 04:43:10

    Paraview + Blender

    by Peter Morse

    22 Videos

    Useful Videos for Paraview & Blender

  5. 23:18


    by Peter Morse

    6 Videos

    Liminal was an 'interactive' opera I made in between 1995-1999. It was authored on CD-ROM, with a QTVR interface within Director, published as a kind of game. A cycle of 6 songs. This…

  6. 02:36:43

    Things I like

    by Peter Morse

    23 Videos

    Things I like

  7. 00:00

    Gareth Morse

    by Peter Morse

    2 Videos

    The paintings of Gareth Morse

  8. 02:50:06


    by Peter Morse

    44 Videos

    Examples of visualisation research

  9. 41:12

    Full Dome

    by Peter Morse

    15 Videos

  10. 01:09:16


    by Peter Morse

    30 Videos

    Miscellaneous Videos

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