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UK, Ireland & The Gambia

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Peter Singhatey, a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor has vast experience flying microlight and general aviation aircraft in Africa. Taken on several courageous challenges most notably was attempting to ferry a Cessna 172 with only 4 hours endurance from an airfield in the UK down to Banjul in the Gambia.

With no ferry tanks the journey is practically impossible without the assistance of a ground support team as airports with the necessary fuel (avgas) are more that 450 nautical miles apart once you are South of Casablanca.

The route which I have personally mapped out from Tangier to Dakhla in Morocco through Mauritania to Senegal, the Gambia and Guinea Bissau is kept to a maximum of 400 nautical mile legs which makes it ideal for most light aircraft and helicopters. Information can be found at: The information one stands to gain from this site is invaluable as once you land in Tangier and get through your first African customs check the journey becomes one big adventure.

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