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Born Hull UK 1968 now live in le Mans France since 2001.

Drummer with post noise/punk band 'Plaisir'...

Musician for contemporary dance company 'cie Marie Lenfant...

Performer with French street theatre group 'jamais 203'

associated artist with the théâtre l'Epidaure, Bouloire, Loire Valley, 72440 France.

Ex-drummer with French punk band 'les portementeaux', Parisien punks, with a shit top 10 hit in France that ruined em ( R.I.P. my good friend 'B.B') x

ongoing projects include 'GAPAMARI & Europa' -with artist Mark Hebblewhite, experimental outings on Julian Cope's 'fuck off and die' label.

Improvising musician ( no, not Jazz), solo performances & with cie Marie Lenfant & Rity Mabon, drums/electronics, hang drums , bits n bobs.
super 8, DIY videos & installations (sorry, no, I can't/won't make nice looking commercials or publicity films) artistic 'inclusion' projects, & workshops.


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