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Pfadfinderei [ fɑ:d'fɪndɜ:raɪ ] is a design bureau operating on an international level. From motion design productions to the visualisation of events - Pfadfinderei offers a spectrum that crosses the boarders between functional design demands and advanced multimedia art.

Finding and visualizing paths was the approach that led to the name Pfadfinderei (engl. pathfinders/boyscouts). Starting off in Berlin in 1998 as a vector orientated design bureau, Pfadfinderei soon expanded to what might be called an enhanced multimedia Wurstfabrik. The big passion of Pfadfinderei's members has always been live visualisation of music. Back in the days they were VJing in various Clubs, nowadays they are planning, creating and performing visual installations on an international level.

Since 1998, the Pfadfinderei team consists of the same seven members who have diverse backgrounds in art and design. From typography, art direction and design to strategic visual planning, these experts will spice you up. Pfadfinderei creations live from the individual characters of Pfadfinderei members who are united by a similar approach to aesthetics, style and daily beauty.

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