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PHACE has been an active member of the contemporary music scene for many years and is one of the most innovative and versatile Austrian ensembles for contemporary music.
Besides the focus on classic contemporary chamber music, the artistic spectrum includes productions of music theatre as well as multidisciplinary projects with dance, theatre, performance, electronics, video, djs, turntablists, installation art and many more.

The ensemble has commissioned and premiered more than 200 compositions so far. In 2010, the series PHACE x was launched, dealing with staged “musical theatrical” spaces in which the borders between contemporary music, performance, electronics, sound- and video(installations) blur. The ensemble (currently 10 active members) is regularly extended by musicians and guests from different fields of art.

Since the 1990s, the ensemble has had appearances at the most famous concert halls and prestigious festivals in Austria and abroad, among them Wien Modern, Klangspuren Schwaz Tirol, Salzburg Festival, Generator, Wiener Konzerthaus, Transart Bozen, Berliner Festspiele, Ultraschall Berlin, Salihara Festival Indonesien, SONEMUS Festival, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik.

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