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Phil is a freelance director of short form content in Singapore.

He has created documentaries, commercials, short films, and music videos. The first commercial he directed was for RedMart (an online grocery delivery service in Singapore) and was awarded 1st Prize in an international competition. He was also selected as the Zooppa Member of the Week amongst 200,000 other members.

He has created commercials and shorts either spec or commissioned for: Alberto VO5, Reebok, RedMart, Friendsy, American Vogue and Gucci.

His commercials for RedMart have gathered over 200,000 views online in Singapore and continue to grow.

He is currently completing his M.F.A. degree in film directing from New York University Tisch Asia in Singapore where he studies and works as a freelance director.

Feel free to contact him no matter how small or large a project might be. He loves to work!

Phil can be reached at:

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