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  1. Cold Chandeliers

    by dalas verdugo subscribed to

    31 Videos / 21 Followers

    An assortment of psychologically offensive pixel matrix operations.

  2. What The Heck Fest

    by dalas verdugo subscribed to

    9 Videos / 4 Followers

    A collection of memories from the annual What The Heck Fest in Anacortes, WA. If you would like to contribute, please let us know.

  3. Garlix

    by Andrea Allen subscribed to

    3 Videos / 24 Followers

    Hi we're Andrea and Carl. This is what we create together!

  4. I’m Watching You

    by Daniel Hayek subscribed to

    29 Videos / 57 Followers

    Wherever you are, no matter what time or place, you are being watched.

  5. Hayek D's Fav Music Videos

    by Daniel Hayek subscribed to

    168 Videos / 41 Followers

    Vimeo is a platinum mine of great music videos. Here are my favorite.

  6. Scenes

    by Imagine Science Films subscribed to

    7 Videos / 5 Followers

    SCENES by Imagine Science Films is a new type of art product that will stand at the intersection of science and video art. In the first edition of SCENES, we are searching for visually-stimulating…

  7. Amazing things

    by Jordan McGarry subscribed to

    37 Videos / 12 Followers

  8. 4 Shore

    by Ryan Hefner subscribed to

    5 Videos / 14 Followers

  9. Artist Army

    by Philiac Music subscribed to

    1 Video / 1 Follower

  10. Cafe Fantasy

    by Rosco Giovanni subscribed to

    885 Videos / 11.2K Followers

    These videos are filled with beautiful women and incredible filmmakers. A collection of videos that inspire and motivate. Enjoy the ride!

  11. Blood, Horror, Terror, Zombie, and... Suspense

    by Chris Tevebaugh subscribed to

    186 Videos / 478 Followers

    Blood! Horror! Terror!! ... And maybe a little suspense for good measure. ;) https://www.facebook.com/HonorTheFather https://vimeo.com/tevebaugh

  12. Photomotion

    by Annatruus subscribed to

    111 Videos / 5,998 Followers

    photos in motion

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