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    by DaVincicode subscribed to

    235 Videos / 1,851 Followers

  2. Cultso

    by Cultso subscribed to

    698 Videos / 732 Followers

    Have something you want to see on our channel or site? Send us a private message or drop us a line in our shout box below! http://cultso.com


    by Ian Durkin subscribed to

    665 Videos / 1,169 Followers

    There once lived a man named Ricky Snakedust. He was a radical man. In his name, I share the most radical videos that I find while cruising the Vimeo everyday.

  4. Continuum Channel

    by David Vegezzi subscribed to

    145 Videos / 56 Followers

  5. HD Eye Candy

    by Red Rain subscribed to

    594 Videos / 179 Followers

    This channel focuses on stunning visual, timelapse, and audio content.

  6. Cerebral Stimulation

    by Danielle Deltorchio subscribed to

    523 Videos / 83 Followers

    Stimulation: the act of arousing an organism to action.

  7. Sweet Stoned Vids

    by Ty Stevens subscribed to

    1 Video / 3 Followers

    All videos are best watched with your girl Mary Jane or your boy Johnny Blaze

  8. TheBestWebVideos.com

    by The Best Web Videos subscribed to

    3 Videos / 4 Followers

    To get started, we recommend going to your settings page to setup your group and customize the way it looks. Then, invite your friends to join your group and start sharing videos and other media with…

  9. Underground HD

    by CoPa Productions subscribed to

    279 Videos / 1,042 Followers

    Un·der·ground -- Of or relating to an avant-garde movement or its films, publications, and art, usually privately produced and of special appeal and often concerned with social or…

  10. Lab Partner

    by AdamPellinDeeve subscribed to

    1,694 Videos / 1,898 Followers

    Supporting recklessly experimental talents of the moving image — individuals who effectively test the boundaries of style, technique and concept. Is it art? Is it science? Does it matter?…

  11. Moving Image

    by Devoted to Motion subscribed to

    1,449 Videos / 5,963 Followers

    We are devoted to motion and the moving image.

  12. The Money Shot

    by DJ Quietstorm subscribed to

    893 Videos / 155 Followers

    Eye candy selected by DJ Quietstorm, Nakameguro Yakkyoku, Tokyo. Such an honor to have you all subscribing, each and every piece that I've selected here for "The Money Shot" is…

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