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    by Empowermentalist School joined

    50 Videos / 30 Members

  2. Free Thinkers

    by think joined

    54 Videos / 104 Members

    A Vimeo group for those looking to discuss, use, and exercise critical faculties. This group uses the definition of freethought found on Wikipedia (as of April 1, 2007), "Freethought holds that…

  3. Crazy is Good

    by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML joined

    378 Videos / 70 Members

    "Crazy is Good" is a philosophy and belief that genius ideas are most often found within craziness. CrazyIsGood is also on other social networks: + http://flickr.com/groups/crazyisgood +…


    by Arnold Marko joined

    219 Videos / 61 Members

    The Vimeo group about all kind of social issues. A meeting point of the global world.

  5. Visual Music Village Vimeo Group

    by Visual Music Village joined

    671 Videos / 170 Members

    The Visual Music Village is a social network for everyone interested in abstract animation and visual music. Join in at: http://visualmusic.ning.com

  6. Social Justice

    by Homeless Drew joined

    381 Videos / 166 Members

    A group where people interested in social justice and film making can watch vimeo users films about important issues. Feel free to join the group to check out some of the videos and promote social…

  7. OVERLAP: Laboratory of Audio/Visual Anthropology

    by Ricardo Greene joined

    279 Videos / 481 Members

    OVERLAP is a network platform that provides a space of reunion and screening for audiovisual researchers dealing with the theoretical, ethical and aesthetical questions of representation and subjectivity. We…

  8. Experiental Dreams

    by levague joined

    22 Videos / 11 Members

  9. why is this not a dream?

    by weremoose joined

    4 Videos / 21 Members

    This group was created as part of "why is this not a dream?" project. Please add your own video answers to the group and/or submit them to the project website. Thanks for contributing and…

  10. Mind Bender

    by Alex H joined

    26 Videos / 13 Members

    If you have ever been moved by something you don't quite understand, then this group is for you. Mind Benders is about videos that make you ask "how the hell did they do that?". This…

  11. Animation Station

    by Jason Hearne joined

    89 Videos / 46 Members

    A Collection of Stuff we did and Artists we admire. Add your stuff if you feel it's up to snuff

  12. Visionary

    by John Adorjan joined

    5 Videos / 2 Members

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