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Philippe Mastrocola is a Montreal-based graffiti artist, photographer, muralist and painter. He was born in 1986 and attended Loyola High School, Marianopolis College and Concordia University.

Philippe’s work originally began with the basics of graffiti. In early 2006, he met and was profoundly influenced by another graffiti artist known by the pseudonym “Waster12”. Philippe has used the unfortunate premature passing of Waster12 as inspiration and motivation when creating his art.

After years of painting graffiti, Philippe’s scope and style continued to evolve as he developed a stronger passion for art and experimented with different materials and media. He pursued his studies at Concordia University, first in Studio Arts and then branching out into Art Education.

He has also broadened his appreciation of art through his ongoing involvement with MU, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes public art in the greater Montreal area.

In the past few years, Philippe has stopped doing traditional lettering in his paintings and has transitioned into the abstract painter that he is today. Through his latest innovative technique, in which he captures images of his work by re-using the spray paint cans as pinhole cameras, he continues to produce many unique and stunning works of art.

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