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Australian Cinematographer based in Paris
working Globally...

Best Cinematography RHODES Island International Film Festival 2005 "a Message from Fallujah"

Australian Cinematographers Society GOLD 2006 Best Cinematography Short Fiction "a Message from Fallujah"
Australian Cinematographers Society GOLDEN Tripod 2007 Best Cinematography Short Fiction "a Message from Fallujah"

L.A. Shorts Festival 2005 Won Best of the Fest "a Message from Fallujah"

Philip RANG - Director of Photography

Informative years as a camera assistant - learning by doing - and Coming up through the camera department in Australia and in London at the BBC  Ealing Film Studios working on Feature films, TV Series, Music Videos and TVCs which taught Philip the importance of looking after the "Governor", until he became one himself.

In La Studio de la Fonderie - Paris where Philip discovered how  to light as an autodidact.

Firstly by starting  with building Models portfolios, then short films which led to music videos and eventually TV Commercials.

While on a documentary in Australia about Aboriginal art, Philip was asked to shoot Derin SEALE's first commercial for Dairy Farmer's with Prodigy Films Sydney all around Australia and since then Philip has been in demand for the past 18 years lighting world-wide from Australian, French, Indian and Asian TVCs and Music videos in some amazing locations with some equally sensational charactors .

Creating the images for the New Zealand  director Richard GIBSON's Film a Message from Fallujah saw Philip win international cinematography awards for his work at the RHODES ISLAND International Film Festival as well as The Australian Cinematographer's Society.

This lead to continuous propositions  in Australia, China and South East Asia before returning to France to make TVCs and Music Videos for artists such as MC SOLAAR or TINA ARINA,TRYBA, Inter-marché or P&G.

Philip works at  finding the right ambience  to tell the story for the director without having to make the images look forced or with styles which resemble that we are not trying too hard if you like in a effortless chic.

In saying that Philip loves making beautiful images with equally attractive people for hair, skin  or beauty products.

These principles are the same for fiction, automobiles  or for food and drinks.

Philip is comfortable in almost every climate from the tropics of  Indonesia to the Alps in France or the seaside of Iceland.

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