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(1) I'm a radical activist who provokes people into rethinking their metanarratives through performance art, street theater, music & freely sharing my person in any endeavor which aims to broaden understanding & promote a better world! & these are my videos!

(2) I'm a radical political activist/DJ/singer/songwriter trapped in a man's body who believes in giving everything away & living in a state of bliss in my basement....

(3) I'm the guy who picks you up on the side of the road outside a major city when everyone else is throwing bottles & shooting bullets at you, & the cops are about to bust you for smiling on a cloudy day, & I drive you hundreds of miles out of the way because you really deserve it (don't you!)...and I make videos of the best music on Earth so that you can sit there on a rainy day & watch the festival that you missed since you had to work!

I was born at Yale, grew up on tour with the Grateful Dead, became a nomadic horde in the Californias, conquered an empire in the Rocky Mountains, had a tragic denouement inside a bottle in Durango, & now reside in Plainfield, NJ, where I'm fighting for peace & working for justice on the front lines of the culture wars....

I choose to celebrate complete insanity in order to elucidate the inanity of the world! I embody our collective unconscious in my performance art: this is what we collectively look like when crammed inside a single shell!

The videos are my only escape from the dark depths of this obscure voidview! Watch'em, like'm, fave'm, share'm, embed'em, add'em to your lists, learn'em, liv'em & lov'em!
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Everything: from politics to prose, music & mental moods, I galavant through life picking up people's trash & presenting it as picture-perfect.....

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