Phoebe Welman Whitman

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Phoebe Welman Whitman (b. 1979) lives in Melbourne, Australia. Phoebe is an artist, educator and academic. Phoebe received a B.A in Fine Art Painting in 1999 and B.D in Interior Design in 2005, from RMIT University. From 2007 Phoebe has been involved in the Interior Design program at RMIT University in the School of Architecture and Design as lecturer and is currently the Coordinator of 2nd and 3rd year. She is currently undertaking a PhD by Project at RMIT University. Phoebe’s practice is involved in photography, installation, sculpture, writing and curation as a method to explore the spatial and relational potentials of surface. The work responds to temporal and dynamic conditions by engaging processes of rousing attentiveness to surface and events that transpire in relation to surface.