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  1. 01:28:30

    Family Catechesis

    by Diocese of Phoenix

    6 Videos

    Faith begins in the family, the domestic church. As part of the Division of Education and Evangelization, the Department of Family Catechesis provides support, services, and on-going formation to…

  2. 13:51

    Year of Faith

    by Diocese of Phoenix

    4 Videos

    Videos produced to help celebrate the Catholic Year of Faith. More: http://catholicfamilyprayer.org/ En Español: http://www.oracionenfamilia.org/

  3. 32:06

    Natural Family Planning

    by Diocese of Phoenix

    8 Videos

    Get the facts on how Natural Family Planning is a safe, highly effective, inexpensive method that empowers couples to prudently and prayerfully postpone or achieve pregnancy in accordance with God's…

  4. 00:00

    Charity and Development Appeal

    by Diocese of Phoenix

    9 Videos

    The Charity and Development Appeal (CDA) is the one Diocesan appeal that asks every Catholic family to financially and prayerfully support the more than 65 charitable, educational, and spiritual organizations…

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