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  1. John J Mackie Private Power Channel

    by johnjmackie subscribed to

    14 Videos / 55 Followers


  2. Playgrounds Digital Arts Channel

    by Playgrounds Digital Arts Fest subscribed to

    318 Videos / 625 Followers

    Playgrounds Digital Arts Channel combines creative digital outburst into one good atmosphere. Motion-, character- , graphic & interactive design, electronic music and digital performances are…

  3. 64 Days

    by mike ambs subscribed to

    6 Videos / 41 Followers

    64 days was the exact length of Pedal's production, the number of days we were out on the road. These episodes are short narratives about that experience of making our first film...

  4. Submarine Channel Profiles

    by Submarine Channel subscribed to

    136 Videos / 40 Followers

    Profiles is Submarine Channel’s ongoing series of short video portraits about creative innovators who are breaking new ground in contemporary visual culture. Design, Film, Animation, Fashion,…

  5. Minimovies

    by Submarine Channel subscribed to

    49 Videos / 28 Followers

    A Minimovie is an episodic documentary consisting of 8 to 10 episodes. Episodes are 7 to 10 minutes each. Put together, they form a self-contained story. With MiniMovies, SubmarineChannel explores…

  6. Documentary Channel

    by Photo Booth Works subscribed to

    33 Videos / 825 Followers

  7. Showreel

    by Photo Booth Works subscribed to

    2 Videos / 1 Follower

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