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Wels, Austria

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Hallo everybody out there. First i will thank you for visiting my Photoblog, i hope you enjoyed it. As next, i will refer to my Webpage, where you can find many informations abput photography. For example you can Read a making of "How to make Waterdrop pics", reviews and so on. The whole Webpage is on German.

Lets start throug with real "About me". It is not easy to describe myself, but i will try my best and keep short. My name is Bernhard Plank, I am a 24 year old (or young?) guy born in Linz witch is in Upper Austria. English is a foreign language for me, so I hope, everything is understandable. I am grown up in Marchtrenk where i still living the most of my time. My dad (Reinhold Plank) is definitely my biggest mentor and the reason why i started with photography. I startet taking photos about 15 years ago and my interest in photos never lost. Since the age of digital-photography i started again with photography and looking for my own style.

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