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Miami, FL

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Influenced by filmmaking, Steven Chun's works study the concept of time and motion. Traditionally, a film is a linear narration and the action occurs in front of a scene or location. In his work, Chun breaks away from film parameters and places the animation behind a still shot.

For the video "Miami", Chun photographed and documented over 500 art strokes on several image plates to create the stop animation. He presents the idea that life's animation comes from within and at times, masked by an outer persona. Life moves forward through ever-changing circumstances, never to return to a previous moment. Within his process, Chun bridges traditional art techniques with new technology, whereby his abstract expressionistic shapes are reassembled into digital images. Moving between the paper and the mounted camera, a dynamic relationship is created. Perhaps the digital representation or simply the physical movement back and forth influences the next stroke, which in turns affects the overall animation. How each stroke relates to one another becomes more important than each individual mark. Once again, time and motion are the essential factors.

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