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Pixel & Cie, c’est la boîte d’un concepteur-idéateur-penseur qui croit encore que l’on peut refaire, réinventer et revoir le monde du design, de la communication, de la pub et de tout ce qui rapproche les gens.

Pixel & Co is the brainchild of a free-thinking creative professional who believes in redefining, reinventing and taking a new look at the world around us. Pixel & Co wants to challenge the way in which design, communications and advertising work... or don’t.

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  1. Très fort. C´’est tout. Simplement très fort.
  2. Like watching the old French Inspecteur Maigret movies, with a masterful modern twist. Love the viewpoint idea. And the music!! Deserves all its cudos and accolades. Sharing on my social media. Cheers.