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Director of cinema and theatre, he also works as an actor and writer.

Among the video and film directions, the two examples are appreciated rockumentaries "Seasons" and "Offlagadiscopax" of two bands of worship in Italy. The most recent film is a documentary on the legendary table football game of Subbuteo, "Subbuteopia".

As an author, wrote the screenplay for the film "Waves", by Francesco Fei, released in 2006, and he's currently finishing a new script for feature film entitled "Enzyme".

In addition to having directed several plays, he was a finalist for the Premio Scenario1994 with a show inspired by the book "Christiane F." and won the contest "Astiteatro 24 - Ideas for Alfieri" with a project freely adapted by Vittorio Alfieri's tragedy "The 2nd Brutus".

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