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... has been working as a professional journalist and director. He is the author of many short films and documentaries, has worked at fashion shows, for advertising campaigns, VIP travels, architecture films, video dance, legal video services and other corporate and private events (Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Holidays, Wedding, Party...) He likes to travel. He has filmed Events and Documentaries in Belgium, China, France, Italy, Korea, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, etc.

... est réalisateur indépendant & journaliste. Il est auteur de nouvelles, courts-métrages, vidéo danse, documentaires, architecture, films d'entreprise et voyages VIP. Il pérennise aussi vos événements privés (Anniversaire, Bar Mitzvah, Mariage, Soirée, Vacances...). Disponible pour toute destination.

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