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This is a collection of the various short and mid-length feature films I (Steven Cerio) filmed, wrote,edited and directed as well as videos I was commissioned to film / direct for various music acts including ROBERT ARTHUR WILLIAMS (drummer/songwriter for Captain Beefheart,The Stranglers, Hugh Cornwell, Public Image Ltd.), WICKED KING WICKER, GREG PIER, TWINK and ATLANTIC DRONE.
For more information on my films and art or to contact Steven Cerio about exhibiting or commissioning a film or video please visit my site or email me at
Here is a short bio: : Steven Cerio is a visionary artist, writer filmmaker, video director and musician whose unmistakable
style set the stage for the neo-psychedelic revival in NYC. He built his own loving and sarcastic expressions of joy for three decades.
He has been involved with performance pioneers The Residents designing them vinyl toy figures and images for animations and film all inducted into the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. He created “Dixie's Kill-a-Commie shooting gallery" for their award winning CD-ROM "Bad Day at the Midway" with legendaanimator Rich Shupe. The Residents' "Disfigured Night"featured nearly one hundred of Cerio’s images carefully placed by John Payson (director of the famed film “Joe’s Apartment.”)
Started in 80's zines and soon after called upon by galleries and by diverse clients: Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, A&M Records, Entertainment Weekly and Penguin books.He has created posters for musical acts King Crimson, Ministry, Les Claypool, Negtivland and White Zombie. His prints occupy the set design for Comedy Central's series "Workaholics". He is the award winning author of "Steven Cerio's ABC Book -A Drug Primer" (Gates of Heck)and "PIE" (WowCool) .
As a musician Cerio has composed, recorded and toured since the 80's. His musical efforts are now focused on creating soundtracks for his movies. His film "The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow" was released in 2012 (Noiseville Records) and his accompanying soundtrack (Wow Cool) in 2013. Steven has written for Juxtapoz. and for Seconds Magazine as art editor.

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