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The World's Only Independent Metal Showcase

Each year, we coordinate with promoters throughout the world to find the best, independent metal artists in the area. We then invite these artists to participate in our exclusive artist showcases, where they perform in front of their peers, and in the presence of Project Independent A&R. The best, most professional artists are then selected to participate in an online voting process where music fans from around the world decide who will be the next Project Independent Featured Artist.

After emerging onto the scene in spring 2006, Project Independent became the most popular and fastest growing independent artist search in the United States. With the support of national sponsors, the fanbase rose from 475,000 in December 2006 to 4.2 million as of July 2008. These results will help pave the way for similar programs in Europe, South America, Japan, Canada and Austrailia.

Project Independent is not a record label however we do share many similarities. The services and prize packages offered by Project Independent are designed to provide artists with replication, retail & internet distribution, promotional touring, equipment upgrades and tech support.

Our immediate goal is to educate artists through hands-on experiences and provide them with a general knowledge of the entertainment industry as well as the necessary tools to succeed while remaining truly INDEPENDENT.

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