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Santa Cruz, CA

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If you're cool, you're cool.

I am currently residing in Santa Cruz, CA and the Bay Area.

I am looking to collaborate with original filmmakers on challenging stories.



  1. emily richmond
  2. Nicole Teeny
  3. Jisu Youn
  4. Jairo Brito
  5. Armando Torres
  6. Zach Finch
  7. Kaitlin Alexandra
  8. Jason R. Johnston
  9. Alex Suber
  10. Ilya Naishuller
  11. SCTV28
  12. Aron Garst
  13. Joshua Lasell
  14. Richard Mazahreh
  15. 16mmtv
  16. Cameron Wilson
  17. Adriana Yedidsion
  18. VanGor -n- Lil'Spoon

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