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Luis Horacio Pineda (Born October 31, 1975) is a Mexican and American painter, architectural drafter, muralist, cartoonist, writer, producer and film director. He was born in Nogales, Arizona and raised in Sonora, Mexico. Pineda attended Universidad de Sonora at Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and the University of Arizona at Tucson, Arizona. Pineda shoots and produces short films, animated films, TV Spots, documentary films, and music videos.
As a painter and muralist, Pineda began his interest in film in 1999 when he was studying literature in Mexico. Pineda started drawing, painting, and writing at an early age and these early stages provided the crucial groundwork that is leading Pineda’s development as a filmmaker.
Pineda not only has the usual credits of writing and directing his films, he also frequently serves as a storyboard artist, producer, director of photography, and script supervisor on his films. This has earned him the nickname of “the one man film crew” in reference to his main influence film director Robert Rodriguez. Pineda works in the film industry since 2006 between Mexico City and New York City.


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