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The concept of Pink Polo is to raise donations and spread the frightening statistics of the deadly illness - Breast Cancer. Educating women on the importance of yearly exams, which naturally leads to early detection and thus results in a higher survival rate among those affected was another reason why Pink Polo was introduced, in April of 2009 by Claudia Hodari, as a promotional tool aimed at raising awareness among women as well as money for a breast cancer charity. The goal of this first Pink Polo Team & Event was that other event organizers, in as many other countries as possible, would soon freely copy the idea of Pink Polo in order to help women save women's lives.


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  2. Hola Tiffany, It is Claudia from Pink Polo video in South Beach 2009. Hey! Pink Polo idea got huge....I would like to tag your video on me with Pink Polo & women polo please - or even hange name if you can to Claudia Hodari & Pink Polo if you can.…