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"pirata" is portuguese for "pirate" and was given to me by mestre Ombrinho as my capoeira name somewhere around 2006 when i used to throw random pirate parties. :) if you dont want to sound like a gringo say "peer-ra-ta" haha

i like gummi bears, punk/hc shows in basements, the smell of freshly chopped garlic, hoodies, fall, kissing my dogs on the bridge of their noses, the color green, big globs of snowflakes that get stuck to your lashes, when people play bass without a pick, guffaws, comic books, video games, stouts and ales, short skirts, driving very fast, running, swimming, playing, jumping, buying brand new books, the word "insatiable", eating huge hunks of pineapple with my hand, capoeira, hazelnut gelato, little barely there kisses on my neck that make me squirm but smile, when people squint with one eye while conversing in a sunny place, mohawks, boys who wear hoodies, and nicknames.

i dislike when people act insulted if called by their first name, dirty fingernails, paying more than 20$ to see a band play, when people say "like" every other fucking word, and touching raw chicken.

my flickr: flickr.com/people/22541104@N04/
my twitter: twitter.com/Pirata
my photography: pirataphotos.tumblr.com/
my stories: pirata-stories.tumblr.com/

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