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As a Nonprofit association, founded by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, dedicated to promote Art and creation, Pirats is an independent artistic numerical network.

Its name refers to the 18th century’s Piracy in the sense of a free society, and sets the question of promoting Art in a little bit provocative way.
Pirats doesn’t encourage hacking, but tries to promote Artists thanks to new technologies.

Today, Pirats mostly uses Second Life©, a fantastic métavers on live on the net.

Yesterday, virtual words were associated to games, they mean a lot more today, and their exponential development is the evidence that they provide answers to social needs, people looking for new space for personal expression.

Our association is able to create a virtual world in few days in order to exhibit an artist.

Openings, fashion shows, simulcasts or live concerts in SL, the appraisal of Pirats is admitted by the artistic community.

Pirats also aims for RL (Real Life) events, as attested by the Opening of Patrick Moya’s exhibition, relayed in SL simultaneously.

The association opens its doors for free to artists, giving them access to the artistic facilities in SL and to a website.

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