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Vimeo site to showcase the work of Pixelfactory.tv based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Pixelfactory.tv is run by Darren Evans, a one man pixel factory, Specialising in Video and Motion Graphics Production + Interactive Multimedia, Design and Print.

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  1. Julien Leterrier : 3D / VFX
  2. D.L. Watson
  3. Sean Frangella
  4. Stada Media (Danny Lacey)
  5. Lionel Thompson
  6. Stormfield Productions
  7. Buck
  8. cinema5D
  9. Sami Guillermet
  10. j0n4s
  11. Daniel Bray
  12. Dave Hackney
  13. Adam Magyar
  14. HDTWO Commercial Photography
  15. Reuben Houfe
  16. Tom Saunders
  17. Cream Studio
  18. Philip Bloom: Four Corners

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