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Pixels + Sounds is run by Jono Shaw

I believe that the right combination of pixels and sounds can change people.
But I also believe that they are just pixels and sounds.
More important are people: my clients, their stories, and the audience you want to reach.

Contact me on: jono@pixelsandsounds.com




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  2. matthew chuang
  3. Khalid Mohtaseb
  4. Jared Bazley
  5. Variable
  6. Art of the Title
  7. Tony Anderson
  8. MPC
  9. Colourmovie
  10. The Foundry
  11. Benjamin Dowie
  12. Crailtap
  13. Mark Toia
  14. DKNG Studios
  15. MK12
  16. Vexa Media
  17. Eliot Rausch
  18. Nathan Corrona

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  1. Really nice compositing. Just the fake-camera-shakes bothers me a bit.