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Video Content Creator, Entrepreneur; Internet Addict and Film Freak. All HD videos here are shot with a Canon 300HS....


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  4. David Vaipan
  5. Carl Burton
  6. Cloudshots.NL
  7. Gātha
  8. RmAn 305 Ghetto Paraiso
  9. Goldpaint Photography
  10. Evan Spencer Brace
  12. Everyday Okay
  13. Max Chandler
  14. Andy Maser
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  17. Gregor Schmidinger
  18. Richard van der Laan

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  1. Yes I do, or I would not have replied at all. Looking forward to your next video.
  2. Hello Richard. All I can say is that this was a brilliant short. Intelligent, impeccably shot and plenty of universal appeal. Congrats!