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The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

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Play the Walk is a project of Gelareh Saadatpajouh, and Talayeh Hamidya. We are a Toronto-based research and experimental studio -- our work focuses on narrative environments, and experience oriented projects.

Play the Walk is a story of a neighbourhood played out and retold by those who explore it. At the core of the project, we believe that the city is owned by its people, and anywhere in the city can be a place of meeting, gathering, or play. Toronto is hosting Play the Walk in the vicinity of Gladstone Hotel in a triangular field bordered by the railroad tracks, known as the West Queen West Triangle. Following the map, people are invited to let instincts be their compass and the body their vessel for an adventure to stroll about, and carefully touch, smell, look and listen to a neighbourhood: evolving yet unfamiliar to most of us.

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