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Play with a pro is primarily  a movie library, containing a continously growing number of high quality movies, in which the great teachers and musicians of our time share their knowledge and passion for classical music.

These movies are portraying the artists and goes behind the scene to unfold the thoughts and give the insight they have put into their own music making.

By making this movie library it is our goal to reach a broader number of people and give them an opportunity to get access to inspiration, knowledge and education, despite age, level, being a student or teacher and mostly important- despite your geographical location.

Secondary Play with a Pro is also a place to exchange points of views, share thoughts and opinions about music.

Over time we aim to built an extensive movie library, in different language versions, so anyone interested, no matter location, language skills and economic means have a chance to to learn and get inspired from the greatest artists and scholars.

Music is for everyone and so should learning about it also be.

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